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Good results with Fund for Local Cooperation: Magistrate defending young girls' sexual rights

RFDP kuva"In RFDP training I learnt that not all of these elopement or loss of virginity cases are civil cases but they can be also criminal cases", says Mrs. Mtonga. "As a result, I started referring some cases of eloping girls under 16 years to police and subordinate court because those can be criminal defilement cases and therefore beyond my jurisdiction as a local court magistrate. I have referred 5 defilement cases to the police and 5 cases to subordinate court from the time I attended the workshop. More...

Forest surveys in developing countries support climate change mitigation

Forest information is needed in decision-making related to climate change and the ending of deforestation. Photo: Juho PaavolaFinland’s support has helped developing countries map their forest resources with good results. Decisions on, for example, climate change mitigation and adaptation require background information on the number of forests, changes to forests, and species. More...

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